2009年12月31日 星期四

My Wish

 Love you in 2010, happy

Ten Minutes With the Nexus One [NeXus]

Ten Minutes With the Nexus One [NeXus]: "

We've had our hands on Google's Nexus One phone, but weren't allowed to take any pictures. This fellow, on the other hand, managed to capture his playtime in a crisp, clear video which blows away any previous blurry clips. UPDATED

Update: The original full-length video was pulled because, well, Google kinda owns the video service that this Google phone leak was using. We're trying to get an alternate version of the original source. In the meantime, the above video, shot by the same guy, shows how insanely well the Nexus One handles Qualcomm's mobile 3D benchmark.

Pulled original video:

I think these ten minutes cover nearly the whole Nexus user interface and give a reasonable idea of what to expect when we finally get our very own gadgets to play with. Gorgeous!

Heads up: There are a few not-so-safe-for-work seconds around the two minute mark. So you might want to skip over that if the boss is near (or if you don't enjoy Californication). [via nowhereelse.frThanks, Steve!]


Footsteps~ City Hunter English interlude

I remember when you were my baby
Seems like only yesterday
Jeepers creepers, I been goin' crazy
Since the day you walked away
I hear your footsteps
What a spooky sound
I hear the stairs creak
I'm in trouble now
I hear your footsteps
Comin' around hauntin' me
Footsteps in the night
Echo in mind
Footsteps in the night
Baby said goodbye
To me
In the dark I lie awake and listen
To the pounding of my heart
In a sweat I feel my body shiver
My hallucinations start
I hear your footsteps
Sneaking down the hall
I hear a door slam
Knock upon the wall
I hear a voice laugh
Tell me it's just a dream
Footsteps in the night
Love has passed me by
Footsteps in the night
Baby said goodbye
Footsteps in the night
Feel like I could die
Footsteps in the night
Baby said goodbye
To me
Footsteps in the night
Echo in my mind
Footsteps in the night
Baby said goodbye
To me, to me, to me

Predictions for Google's 2010

再一天就是2010年了,科技龍頭 Google 釋出了2010年的展望
Wish you grow up in your professional, Happy.

  1. Google Chrome's bookmark sync will be extended to sync the documents stored in Google Docs.
    這個舉動,應該會將 Google OS 推向成熟的作法,現在有用 Chrome 的人,應該已經覺得自己生活在雲端中。
  2. Google will launch a service that indexes and ranks web applications.
  3. Google will use different interfaces for displaying search results, depending on your query.
    又有新的搜尋介面,這是 Google 一貫的作風,今年有
    Wolfram|Alpha 的刺激, Google 肯定會在搜尋結果上再作其他類似心智圖思考模式的重新歸類。
  4. Google's search engine will group related results.
  5. Google Image Search will let you upload an image and will show related images from the web.
    哇…要影嚮 Flickr 等圖床的戰場了。
  6. Google Street View's images will become searchable and Google will start to show information about different places in Street View.
    強化街景視圖的功能,可以同時運用於 Google Earth 及 Google Goggles。
  7. Google will release an online development environment optimized for building web applications.
  8. An open platform for search experiments: tweak Google's ranking factors, customize the interface and create a better search engine.
    在 Google 推出 Chrome OS 時,我想其中一個隱藏的用意就是將雲端推至個人,可運用個人電腦閒置時,變為雲的一部份。
  9. Android will have more users than Windows Mobile.
  10. Many browsers will copy Google Chrome's features: the simplified interface, the rapid development model, the lightweight extensions, sandboxing, compiling JavaScript code.
    不用說, FireFox 4.0 已經有實例。
  11. Google Drive will finally launch, but it will only be an extended version of Google Docs. Instead of sending attachments, you'll be able to upload files to Google Drive from Gmail.
  12. Google Wave won't become successful, but its features will be used in other Google products.
    啊…失敗。我自己用的心得是,資訊太多,發展的方式雖然像人類神經的結構,但是,神經結構視覺化後,反而會發散討論的主題性。不過,我很期待 Google 的 MicroBlog 的服務,一定會耳目一新。
  13. Google will buy True Knowledge and will launch a fact search engine.
  14. Gmail's spam filtering algorithms will be more transparent and you'll be able to define custom rules for flagging messages as spam.
  15. Google Trends will show popular web sites from different categories.
    我常用 Google Trends ,每次用,都覺得「有 Google ,真好」。
  16. Google Desktop will be discontinued and replaced by Google Quick Search Box.
    Google Desktop的資源,算是耗滿多的…對電腦資源錙銖比較的資訊咖,用的人不多。
  17. If you use Google Chrome, you'll be able to use the most important features of Chrome OS.
  18. Google users will be able to add comments and start conversations if they want to find some information about a hot topic.
    這應該是 Google Wave 與 MicroBlog 的轉型吧,搞不好還可以加上 Tag。
  19. Google Toolbar will be available for Chrome and Google will start to bundle Chrome with Google Toolbar for IE.
    其實,現在有了 Chrome Extensions 比 Google Toolbar 好用,又可以自己選擇,此舉..該不會有殺手級應用吧。
  20. Google will buy Spotify and make it available for free.
    音樂 for free?靜觀其變。

2009年12月30日 星期三







My turely heart to you, happy

2009年12月29日 星期二


Wish you happy , happy & happy, happy



You are the image in my mind when I heard this song, happy.

2009年12月28日 星期一

On the table

Miss you everyday, happy.

Your smile

I love to hear your smile,happy.


美國MIT Media Lab(麻省理工學院媒體實驗室)的天才學生普拉納夫- (Prarnav Mistry),發明了一項結合實體世界和虛擬世界的科技。

Blended with Social Media

Be professional where you are interested in ,happy 

非正式學習與 Social Media 的運用,
Abhijit Kadle 以一張圖結合實行的過程、時間與混呈的媒體,讓我們一探實務可以應用的層面。

這張圖,也叫”Infographic” 對於 PowerPoint 有狂熱的朋友,您可以在 Google 裡面,打入 Infographic 就可以找到許多應用的圖片。回到正題,在推動與 Social Media 混成的情境裡,各位可以從 M1W1 (執行的第一週來看, M=月,W=週),不管任何新的學習或帶領方式的初期,循著學習者熟悉的過程,是很重要而且基本的方式。


在最初的搭配,還是會先從正式學習開始,不過,要進入 Blended with Social Media 教學方式,學習者必需要有 e-Learning 的先備習慣(這是一個令人驚訝的改變,從這裡可以看到,國外對於 e-Learning 的學習方式,以從早先的非正式學習,轉化成了正式學習的分類了。不過, Instructor Led Training 還是被排到最前面,可見這個搭配還是非常的嚴謹)。第二層的 Wiki 在學習中已儼然成為”線上圖書館”的型態存在著。在 M1W1的配置,也很適合運用於現在 Blended Learning 的搭配方式。

C + E + R(reference) + D(Discussion)



到了第三週的區間,加入了 Mobile Learning 的元素,我很好奇在這裡的 Mobile Learning 所應用的情境,在考了作者的幾篇文章後

Six Social Media Trends
Types of Social Media Users
How the Fastest Growing Companies are Using Social Media
Blending Learning with Social Technology Components
Mobile Learning – Three Reasons for the Return of WAP
Google Goggles and Mobile Learning 

現在的應用情境,還是偏提醒,告知與關心的層面,不過,他也提及了 Google Goggles ,只是在企業或一般的學習領域中, On spot learning 目前還未能與之整合。

在第三週,有個很小,但是已經在成長的元素, Blog, 在有產出的學習過程中,固定的產出(作業,心得,討論)都可以督促學習者的學習持續力。





這張精彩的圖,真的是道出了混成學習的精要,也可以看出學習與 Social Media 搭配的重點。

  1. 任何新型的學習模式,都要循序漸進,截長補短,而不是”取代”。
  2. 善用網路的學習資源( Wiki ),真正達到以學習者為中心的學習模式。
  3. 強調學習歷程的重要性。
  4. 有產出的訓練,能有效提高學習者對於知識的強化。
  5. 學習部落的型成,正是學習型組織的新型態。


在這裡 Virtual Classroom Training 是有被提及,但是,搭配的成份很少。可能在眾多虛擬的學習環境下,還是要多保留一些工作上實體互動的比例吧..

2009年12月27日 星期日


後面是船哦,原由 Mars Chen 上載。





The wall

I miss you, happy

2009年12月26日 星期六

Colorful Mood

You are colorful image in all my life, happy.

2009即將到結尾,在今天這特別的日子,我祝妳 2010 心情繽紛

Colorful for you. 

  • 不好的事,都是無色的

  • 每一天早晨,就要開心

  • 開心作妳

  • 開心畫妳的未來

  • 下雨…也變彩色

  • 四季都是彩色

  • 早餐也是彩色

  • 彩色心願都實現

  • 我會送妳彩色的花

  • 彩色的好料

  • 彩色的甜點

  • 往彩色的地方走,就是希望

  • 彩色的心

  • 彩色的內在

  • 不怕寒冬

  • 連天空都看到妳的光彩

  • 筆就在妳手中

  • 怎麼畫,都是妳的色彩

  • 沒有不能變彩色的

  • 妳的彩色氣球

  • 每天好心情的彩色桌面

  • 繪出妳的彩色

  • 跟妳在一起,我就有彩色的幸福

  • 彩色的人生觀

  • 彩色的星空

  • 彩色,要快快長大哦

  • 幸福的氣泡

  • 美麗的夜

  • 大自然的恩惠

  • 運用妳的想像,著出妳的色彩

  • 我會隨時陪著妳

  • 給妳彩色的支援

  • 陪妳走過彩色的秋天

  • 秋天因妳我而美

  • 歡樂繞著我倆轉

  • 妳的彩色人生

  • 即將展開